Rapid therapeutic approaches and long term treatments offered.  Qualified psychological help tailored to suit your needs.Psychotherapy , Hypnotherapy, Psychosexual and relationship therapy, Specialist Perinatal mental health and trauma therapy.

Psychotherapy is the term used for any number of psychological therapies.  There are hundreds of psychological therapies.  Here at londontherapy we tailor your therapy to fit your individual needs. 

Psychotherapy is a means of therapy using psychology. There are over a hundred different types of psychotherapy.At Londontherapy your request for psychotherapy is ascertained by a qualified psychologist  and UKCP registared psychotherapist. who recommends the best therapy for you. .Psychotherapy is a long term therapy that can take place between once and five times a week depending on needs.  From the moment of conception the mind and body are one cell which by a simple process of cell division goes on the make the person you are today .       

Your mind and body are still this closely related.  This is why so often we see psychosomatic problems.  The subconscious communicates to us often through the body and or through behaviour and problems.  Often things like insomnia , anxiety, phobias and any out of control behaviours,thoughts or feelings are a communication from the  subconscious.  Psychotherapy unravels the communication so the benefits  can be felt.   Sessions last a 'therapeutic hour' which is approximately fifty minutes. During psychotherapy psychological interventions can be utilised if appropriate this will always be discussed and the pro and cons in your individual circumstances looked at before you make a decision about using them. Such interventions such as CBT ,hypnotherapy, EMDR,EFT or dream work  in general speeds up the process but are not always necessary.  You therapist will always work in a way that is comfortable to you.  Please be assured that your therapist has specialised training and qualifications in the interventions offered otherwise they would not be offered. Sometimes using a psychological intervention will mean having a longer session.

  Rapid therapeutic approaches and long term treatments offered.  Qualified psychological help tailored to suit your needs.

Please ring or email for an initial free telephone or email consultation. You will be given guidance as to the best approach in your individual circumstances, to help you achieve your desire.